Save Money During the Holidays by Tracking Everything

Do you usually spend more this time of year? If you want to change that, the good news is you can save money during the holidays by tracking everything. And yes, I mean everything!

December can be extra busy with parties to go to, holidays to host, and of course, gifts to buy. It can feel overwhelming, and spending can quickly start to feel like a blur.

If you want to save money this time of year, you need to get organized and stay organized.

You should keep track of everything, including:

  • The gifts you’re buying and how much they cost
  • The events you’re going to and what you’re bringing
  • The events you’re hosting and what you’re providing

You’ll notice that I don’t just want you to track gifts. If you’re hosting events or going to parties, you should be tracking those too. Hosting can get expensive with food and decorations to buy. Going out can also add up when you have to pay for new outfits, Uber rides, and more. Don’t neglect these costs up front, or you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve spent when you review your December numbers.

Some options I like for tracking are:

  • A spreadsheet like Google Sheets
  • An app like Mint or YNAB
  • The notes app on your phone
  • Pen and paper or notebook

All of those options are portable; you can take them with you shopping wherever you go. You can track all of this however you like, just make sure you do it!

You can save money during the holidays by tracking everything in a Google Sheet.
You can save money during the holidays by tracking everything in a Google Sheet.

Keeping track will let you know when you are getting close to your budget limit before you blow past it. You’ll know in advance how much money you need, giving you time to adjust if needed.

How do you stay organized this time of year?


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